YouTube - Thailand Videos

Miss Thailand World 2014
“Maeya” Thongleng, a 22-year-old model from Surat Thani

Jennifer Benjawan
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Thailand - Sabai-Sabai

Tourism Authority of Thailand - Thailand 2002
Tourism Authority of Thailand - Come and discover your own wonders
Tourism Authority of Thailand - Introduction by John
Tourism Authority of Thailand - Jennifer Does Thailand-Part 2(b) Sky One
Tourism Authority of Thailand (LA) - Amazing Thailand Trip Giveaway 2009
Tourism Authority of Thailand - Wonder Thailand #1
TVC - Amazing Thailand - discoveries adventures sensations emotions - 30 sec.
Krabi - Sunset at Ao Nang Beach
Thai Dance - Four Regions - 5:09 min.
Caraboa & Parn - Nom Bao Sao Parn 4:49 min.
Bird Thongchai McIntyre - Kon Mai Mee Fan 4:32 min.
Bird Thongchai McIntyre - Sabai-Sabai 3:49 min.
OneTrueMedia - Thailand August 2008 10:07 min.
A. Mauj - Great Emeral Buddha Temple, Bangkok 4:14 min.
Temple of the Emeral Buddha - Grand Palace, Bangkok 7:05 min.
Wat Prahatat Doi Suthep - Chiang Mai 3.37 min.
Chiang Mai - Night Market 4:54 min.
Another "Amazing Thailand" - slideshow 4:14 min.
Zhu Wo Sheng Ri Kuai Le - Asian lady and melody 4:14 min. - Beautiful Thai Women 4:03 min.
Lao Girls - speak in Lao dialect, often synonymous with Isan (Northeast Thailand) - Lao Girls (Version 6) - in Thai language 4:55 min.
Thai Women - Why Thai Women Marry Foreign Men 3:36 min.
Thai men - Hot Thai Men 3:35 min.
Patene commercial extraordinaire - Girl and violin 4:03 min.

Viktoria Silvstedt from Sweden 2002
Link: google image

Foreign's - Home Sweet Home

Switzerland - Zermatt Ski zone
Switzerland - Luzern Vierwaldstättersee
Switzerland - Basler Fasnacht (Carneval)
Switzerland - Zürich promotional video
Switzerland - Zurich Niederdorf, Oberdorf, Cafe Schober, Schwarzenbach, Bodega Espanola
Switzerland - Bahnland Schweiz (The perfect railway system)
Switzerland - Geneva Auto Show
Germany - Das alles ist Deutschland | Same song different pictures
Germany - Tribute to Germany Deutscher Song
Germany Love - slideshow Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four by Flockel
Germany - Willkommen in Deutschland Slide show
Germany - Autobahn Built for Speed
Sweden - Greatest Country in the World - Slide show
Sweden - Women Blond, blue-eyed, beautiful
Sweden - Ingmar Bergman Fanny och Alexander (1982)
Norway - Typisk Norsk short film - Short love movie
Norway - Typisk Norsk Kebabnorsk (Teaching immigrant kids Norwegian)
Norway - Bergen Video by Esther Borbas
Britain - Beautiful England Slide show
France - Paris CNN Y2K Zone 5
Britain - From above Various video clips (black spots - be patient>
France to Britain Record breaking high-speed train
America - National Anthem Whitney Houston - Super Bowl 2005
America - Wayne, PA A community video
America - Hawaii Lonely Planet video
Canada - Vancouver City of the 2010 Winter Olympics
Canada - Whistley Sky jumping
Canada - Okanagan Valley Once Place, One People
Canada - Wild Life Cougar attacks bear
Australia - Crocodile Dundee Movie shots
New Zealand - 100% Pure (400,485 views Aug 3, 2009)


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