Placement Agency for Elderly Care Graduates
Platzierungs-Agentur fü Altenpflege-Absolventen

Also referred to as ThaiSunset Agency
About us — Impressum

Dr. Michael Schemmann, PhD (California), CPA (Washington State), ICPA PROFESSIONAL (IICPA), Associate Professor emeritus, Thailand and Central Asia, is solely responsible for the content of this webpage.

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Postal address: PO Box 9, Pak Thong Chai 30150, Thailand

Consortium of Advisors:
Sakulna Sae-Kim, Nursing Assistant (Nakhonratchasima Training School); Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok — Studies in Management.
Additional advisors from the elderly care community in Austria, Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, and the Nordic countries are invited for nomination.


ThaiSunset Agency is an unincorporated free association in formation of members from SE Asian educational institutions, and from European carehomes, under the Director and the advice by a Austian-Benelux-German-Swiss-Noric-Thai consortium of advisors, for (1) the placement, (2) language training, (3) assistance with visa formalities, and (4) relocation and mentoring of qualified graduates of educational institutions for elderly and nursing care in Asia, for the placement and employment in care homes primarily in Germany, Switzerland and Austria including the Nordic countries.

GOVERNMENTAL LICENSING: — The activities described herein are not subject to governmental licensing(s), eg, according to Art. 6 (Ausnahmen von der Bewilligungspflicht) of the "Verordnung über die Arbeitsvermittlung und den Personalverleih" 823.111 of the Bundesrat of Switzerland (Arbeitsvermittlungsverordnung, AVV), otherwise requiring the filing of certain forms and approval and permission. To date, no such applications have been made.

BEHÖRDLICHE BEWILLIGUNG: — Die Aktivitäten, die hier erläutert sind, unterliegen nicht staatlicher Bewilligung(en), wie z.B., aufgrund des Art. 6 (Ausnahmen von der Bewilligungspflicht) der "Verordnung über die Arbeitsvermittlung und den Personalverleih" 823.111 des Bundesrates der Schweiz. Eidgenossenschaft (Arbeitsvermittlungs-verordnung, AVV. Zur Zeit sind keine derartige Bewilligungsanträge eingereicht worden.

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