Remember when? Ryan L. & Kevin A. Schemmann | With Dad at UBC, Vancouver, BC | At Blaine, Washington June-July 1992    |    Massive lies lies lies and misrepresentations continue - just read the book: It's about YOU !
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"That man is NOT truly brave who is afraid either to seem or to be, when it suits him, a coward. - Edgar Allan Poe

LEFT: Our last "vacation" together waiting for mommy, Central California early August 1992 before you were kidnapped by HER, your mom and Jean Meloche, after switching sides unbeknownst to me,
NOT BY ME as says she fears, at Pearrygin Lake State Park, Winthrop WA on 10th August 1992 by an ex-parte court order full of LIES - Listen to the closing remarks of her RCMP interview - unbelievable!
CENTER - A NEW LIFE FOLLOWING FIVE YEARS OF AUTROCITIES RUTHLESSLY INITIATED BY YOUR MOM: Dad with Jenny, your sister who knows all about you, at Koh Samed, ca. 2008
RIGHT: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Michael Schemmann (right), KIMEP Univ., Almaty, Kazakhstan graduation May 2006