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Thai Secrets
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Secrets General Interest

  • Thailandlife by Thailand most famous Internet teenager and his Diary.

  • mangosause crazy about Bangkok. Secrets of a Thai bar girl.
  • Survey reveals Asia's sex secrets "The survey, which saw Asians vote the missionary position as the top sex position..." Wikipedia: Missionary position
  • The Adventure of Iron Pussy a Thai secret agent whose alter ego is a gay male 7-Eleven clerk.
  • Behind the Secret of the Naga's Fire Nong Khai's Naga has become the Mekong's Loch Ness monster. They'd have to be able to navigate a dangerous river in the dark, dodge the Thai and Lao patrol boats, and be incredibly good at keeping a secret...
  • Thai silk The secret Thai method of treating silk to pre-shrink the fabric and make it easier to care for.
  • Secrets of Siam 16 Days - from $680 journey around central and northern Thailand takes you to see some of the country's unique cultural heritage, from the past and the present.
  • Secrets of Thai Textiles A Short Introduction to Thai Textiles.
  • The Secret of Speaking Thai Tones Thai guide book's don't bothers to inform us beginners what the simple secret is. Well, up to you if you want to use my secrets or not.
  • Thailand's first female detective She reveals secrets of spying business. In the real world of spying in tropical Thailand, the hat and trench coat might be a bit out of place, but there is certainly plenty of romance, mostly of the failed variety.
  • My darkest story Surviving in a Thai prison.
  • Thai prison life This is the story of one prisoner at Samut Prakan Central Prison in Thailand. His name is Panrit Daoruang (previously Nattawud) and he is known by thousands of people around the world as Gor.
  • KLONG TOEY Bangkok's Secret They Don't Want You To Know About. The population of Thailand is nearing 60 million people, 10 percent of whom live in Bangkok and of those 20 percent live in the slums of Klong Toey. This area in south Bangkok and near the waterfront...
  • Arun Residence "The look: Hidden on a small residential street in the Old City, this quaint four-story hotel abuts the Chao Phraya river and offers views of Wat Arun, the 19th-century Temple of the Dawn, from its open lobby. Nice surprise: The daybreak wake-up calls: roosters crowing, the swish of water taxis and river barges, and the sound of prayers rising from nearby wats. From $80." Bangkok's new mini hotels (CNN Travel April 2, 2007)


Cuisine Herbal Secrets

  • Thai minority inherits herbal secrets For ages the Thai people have known how to treat sickness and diseases using traditional herbs that have proved to be a safe and a low cost alternative to modern medicine.

  • Thai cooking secrets by thaifoodandtravel.com Philosophy of Kasma Loha-unchit. The Art and Joy of Thai Cooking – Taken from It Rains Fishes. Primary Flavors – Here is the essential secret to creating authentic-tasting Thai food.
  • The Secret of Royal Thai Cuisine At Le Royal Meridien Phuket Yacht Club you can now get the chance to learn the secrets of preparing this famous cuisine. Thanks to Chef Taweesak Trakoolwattana, Executive Sous Chef...[who] as a young child was the one who helped prepare the daily meals for the family and made visits to the market to get the best bargains in quality and price.
  • Enjoy Thai Food The dining hour is, so to speak, sacred for the Thai. One never bothers somebody who is eating; even masters themselves watch out not to interrupt the meal of their slaves. The time of a meal is also a time for silence. Even if one is with ten or twenty people to eat together, one barely hears a few words escape one or the other, so deeply engrossed are they in their business! Thus, their meals take only about a quarter of an hour. One must also remark that they never drink before or during a meal, only afterwards. By Monsignor Jean-Baptiste Pallegoix (1850's).
  • #97 The Shock Run by Thailand's most famous ghost story guru, The Shock menu is definitely something to scream about. Try the Grim Reaper's hors d'oeuvres, 'long dtaek' (bursting coffin), Egyptian mummy, headless zombie and vampire's clay pot. To complete the shocking experience, pay a visit to The Shock Room, where spooky photos from all over Thailand are displayed.
  • Nitaya's Thai Küche Verlagstext: "Sanuk - darunter verstehen die Thais das Auskosten jeden Augenblicks. Sanuk - der totale Genuß. Dazu gehört das Essen. Keine banale Nahrungsaufnahme im Sinn westlicher Industrieländer, sondern ein üppiges Fest für Augen und Gaumen. Es gibt keine festen Essenszeiten; gegessen wird in Thailand immer. Eine Faustregel: Die Hälfte aller Thais kocht, die andere Hälfte ißt."
  • Die leichte Asia-Küche Exotik pur, ein Hauch Raffinesse und ganz viel Aroma - das ist das Geheimnis der Thai-Küche. Wie Sie Hähnchen in Kokosmilch, Garnelensuppe oder Lamm-Curry kochen...
  • Thailändische Garküchen und ihre besten Rezepte von Vatcharin Bhumichitr. Frische Köstlichkeiten nach Originalrezepten thailändischer Garküchen. Neues aus dem Wok oder vom Grill. Wer in Thailand war, kennt und schätzt die Garküchen, die aus den Straßen und von den Kanälen nicht wegzudenken sind.


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